The Chef

Chef Bruce Robertson ‘Chef Extraordinaire’ hails from the culinary capital of Southern Africa, Cape Town.  More specifically the ‘Organic/Conservation’ Village of Scarborough. With his creative roots firmly grounded in Advertising as a former Art Director, Chef Bruce for the past decade has played the game of Pro Cook/Culinary Adventurer and African Food Guide. Well known as the Gourmet Touring ‘Afro-gastronaut’ he knows no boundaries and takes everything culinary beyond its limits.

His whirlwind spiral to the top of the South African culinary game has left its wonderful mark on the ‘Food scene ‘ South of the equator but the incredible journey started North; firstly as an apprentice at The London Ritz followed by the Lannesborough on Hyde Park corner, then down the road to Petrus with Marcus Weiring and Gordon Ramsey. Finally finishing of his International “Schooling” with Chef Anton Mossiman OBE to the Queen as his Senior Chef at the famous Belfry in Belgravia.

Home called; Head Chef of Boulders Lodge Singita, Executive Chef of the magnificent Cape Grace, opening the world acclaimed restaurant ‘one.waterfront’ with immediate acknowledgement as a Culinary Leader in Africa. His very own, ‘theshowroom’ restaurant took all top awards and set the benchmark for modern South African Hospitality, cuisine and design, followed on with his sister ship, ‘theshowroom’ Café. 

Bespoke ‘Gourmet Touring’ and Hosting through Africa has been the final step forward towards his latest and very exciting new venture ‘Table d’Hôte’ at his home, The Boat House. His maverick antics and unique style of ‘food travels’ have paved the way for others to follow in showcasing what our incredible rich lands have to offer, its wonderful love, colour and African warmth. Gourmet Touring with Chef Bruce...a culinary experience unparalleled and unique to Southern Africa. Leader in the ‘foodie’ circles of Africa, having traveled extensively and to have had the privilege to represented our country on a number of continents as our gourmet ambassador…