The Boat House

The Boat House is taking bookings up to end of March then we move to Simon's Town and launch The Flagship.

Scarborough is the last settlement before the Cape of Good Hope and is surrounded by nature reserve, with the Cape Peninsula National Park to the south and Baskloof Nature Reserve rising on the steep Fynbos inclines behind. Situated at the mouth of the Schusters River, this sleepy, eclectic village provides the perfect spot for talented and aspirant chef, Bruce Robertson, to reflect his playful attitude and eclectic experimentation, with his inimitable dining concept: The Boat House.

A charming Cape Cod-style beach house, with 180-degree views of the ocean from its living space celebrates the ‘Art of Table d’hôte’, an opportunity to dine with this leading South African culinary creative. The Boat House is a peaceful retreat, immersed in natural beauty and infused with an unusual sense of remoteness, bordered by the sea and rugged, rocky hillsides.

The idyllic scene that unfolds before the eyes of the fortunate diner inspires the seafood menu, with local peninsula and seasonal ingredients the foundation of this gourmet adventure, expertly paired with a fine selection of award winning wines.  The dining experience is accompanied by personalized, unique service, an insight into the world of culinary design and the enjoyment of the intricate art of excellent hosting from home.

Tantalising the palate of the traveller this is the ultimate ‘chef’s table’ – a late lazy, lunch on the deck, overlooking the shimmer of the silver sea, lulled by the constant lapping of waves.